Zazzle Dazzle 2

December 18, 2012

I would be remiss if I didn’t give “the rest of the story,” as they say….

IT WAS ALL MY MISTAKE. Zazzle sent me the correct order – the FIRST time!!! THEN they sent me the second order, packaged identically to the first one, and I mistakenly assumed that the second was incorrect as well. BUT as I finally looked again – very closely – at both the packing slip (which was my order) and the package of items, I realized that they were packed as a unit, and not individually. I had ordered CARDS. That’s all. No ornaments. Adrian’s ornament, packed with the Grammy-love that wasn’t able to be delivered in a timely way, was sitting in my closet, completely forgottten, along with the other ornaments that I had also ordered so far in advance that they were non-existent (in my mind, anyway).

So here I am – with the proverbial egg on my face. Oh, and Lana’s reply?? (When I wrote to her and confessed all) was again just as gracious as it had been the first time. “Have a merry Christmas. You don’t have to mail back the duplicates; keep them, discard them or donate them.” I deserved ANYTHING but THAT! It was mercy and grace. I’ll take it – gratefully. Thank you, Lana, for your Christmas gifts to me.

It was on a much smaller scale, obviously, but it kind of reminded me of another Gift given, don’t you think???


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