January 6, 2013

The man looked angry. At the very least, he was passionate about what he was doing. I couldn’t have missed him, since he was almost in the southbound roadway by Big Woods Road, staring me down. His car was parked perpendicular to the road I was on, and to underscore his motions, a woman was standing closeby, in the cold, seemingly one with him on his mission. It was his huge, exaggerated motions, as he was waving both arms and hands downward, indicating that I should SLOW DOWN, that stopped me. It never occurred to me not to. I hadn’t been speeding. I was going the speed limit, 55 mph, heading north on Rt 213, on my way to church 45 minutes away. It was 8:10 A.M. I was on time, not in a hurry, had the radio cranked up, and I was cruising. But I was primed for his message, since just prior to seeing the man and woman by the side of the road, a driver had just passed me, heading south, who had flashed his lights at me. Usually that is the universal signal for “Trooper ahead,” (which sometimes even annoys me, since I inwardly and self-righteously pride myself on usually going the speed limit.) But – ahem – ironically, I always check my speedometer when that happens, anyway. 🙂 I was going 58, so I re-set the crusie to 55. It had been seconds later that I’d received the message to go slower, which was when I had immediately responded to the man’s motions. As I’d been braking, I’d noticed that the brakes had seemed weird, like something minor, but there’d been sort of crunching almost which didn’t register as anything at all, but I had slowed almost to a stop. I wondered if I would be able to stop, but the brakes did respond. As I put my window down, the man shouted, “THERE’S ICE! SLOW DOWN OR YOU’LL HAVE A WRECK, TOO!” at which time it all clicked: the flashing lights, the man and woman, and the crunching. And sure enough, just out of my sight at first, but just a second or two later, there was a truck off the road, leaning at about a 45 degree angle. The driver, a man, was holding his cell phone and punching numbers into it. He seemed absolutely fine. YAY. Well, yet another YAY, since our daughter and grandson had just been in a car accident this past Thursday during rush hour outside of Philadelphia, where a wonderful troooer had gone out of his way to comfort, guide and protect them after they’d been crashed into. But they were fine, too. As I also was – on January 29, 1978, pregnant with that same daughter, when I’d totalled my car on the way to teach kindergarten at Millington Elementary School. That’s a lot of yays of both kinds, hurrays and non-nays. Messages are not created equal, but we get them. “My eyes will watch over them for their good….” (Jeremiah 24:6). Got it, Lord. Flashing lights, “mean”-looking man, kind trooper, crunching, car by the side of the road. Yep, I heard You. Thanks. (Again.)


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