Chocolate War-Gifts

October 27, 2013

Santi made room for them.  In the moonlight a bruise revealed itself on his cheek.  Yohan pretended not to notice.  Instead he unwrapped a chocolate bar and shared it with them.

…Yohan had tasted chocolate for the first time at the camp.  It had been sent from America. A nurse rested the bar on the damp operating table, then cut it with a surgeon’s knife.

She shared it with those in the field tent.  Pieces the size of fingernails.  He stood in the corner and placed a piece on his tongue and kept his lips pressed together, unused to the flavor, the sweetness.  Watching the men on the cots and the other nurses do the same. All of them silent as though they each held a secret.

The nurse had also given some to a boy who lived beyond the camp.  In the days that followed Yohan would see him through the fences, standing in the fields, looking down at his shirt where there was a chocolate stain, which he licked.  When the taste vanished he continued to lift the spot on his shirt and sniff. He did so long after the scent faded.  Each time he grinned.               –  Snow Hunters, Paul Yoon, pp.77-78.

Before the call and response section during the Percussion Party last night at Music Life, the music store downtown, Bill told us that rhythm is sound and silence – that the silence is just as important as the sound.  Yoon’s chocolate speaks for itself.






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