Seeing New Trees!

April 30, 2010

“Then one day I was walking along Tinker Creek thinking of nothing at all and I saw the tree with the lights in it. I saw the backyard cedar where the mourning doves roost charged and transfigured, each cell buzzing with flame. I stood on the grass with the lights in it, grass that was wholly fire, utterly focused and utterly dreamed. It was less like seeing than like being for the first time seen, knocked breathless by a powerful glance. The flood of fire abated, but I’m still spending the power….” Annie Dillard, Pilgrim At Tinker Creek, p. 36 (Perennial Classics).

I saw the freshly planted trees today at Wilmer Park next to the river. They weren’t cedars with fire lights, and I managed to breathe just fine, but I was still pretty excited that they were there. Don’t miss them! Who knows? You might catch the light show if you hit things just right.


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