Pea Tendrils

May 1, 2010

Mmm….I never thought to eat a lot of things when I was growing up on the farm. Not so now!

50 years ao, we picked the fruit or the vegetable and left the vines alone, (for eating, that is. My cousin, Harry, and I did love to ride our bikes through the pea patch, to hear the popping of the pods under the weight of the bicycle tires when nobody was looking), but other than that, the peas alone were for picking.

This morning at the Farmer’s Market I bought pea tendrils, the tender, scrumptious leaves and vines of the pea plant–a great treat @ $ 2 / bag. Who knew?

They’re perfect, of course, in a salad, but I can’t bear to have them masked within the other flavors of a salad, so I eat them straight out of the plastic bag that the guy puts them in when he lays them on the white paper-covered table in the park. I figure it’s better for me than a coffee or a donut, and even though it’s not a very big bag, it seems like a real luxury and something to look forward to each Saturday!

The tendrils taste just like (no, not chicken, but) PEAS THAT COME STRAIGHT OUT OF THE GARDEN. (And I’m sorry, but unless you’ve had them this way, you can’t appreciate exactly what I’m talking about. There’s nothing else quite like them, unless it’s garden-fresh lima beans).

Pea tendrils, by themselves, would be a great enough reason to travel to Chestertown on a Saturday morning, but that is just the beginning! What’s stopping you?


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