Roasted Rutabagas??

March 19, 2016

Something wonderful happened today: The Chestertown Farmer’s Market! And it happens EVERY Saturday throughout the year! Today I picked up beets, turnips and sweet potatoes (and yes, I’ve used each of these in B&B breakfast sides before. 🙂 ) As the fellow was weighing the turnips, I spied the rutagagas, and asked him what you did with those. He wasn’t sure but the gal there said that they could be roasted and fixed like potatoes, that they had an earthy quality. Gosh, who wouldn’t like “earthy”?? So for $4, I had a quart-ful, so now I’ll google, then get care-ful about creating something new and yummy! (And who knows? I just might have yet another element to add to my breakfast dishes!) Spring-ing into simple, new freshness is ALWAYS a great thing!


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