“Miss” Phoebe Turns 100

October 5, 2016

Some may remember “Miss” Phoebe, (from former past posts, from facebook, or from my personal stories around the breakfast table), our former Mt. Vernon Ave. neighbor, who now lives in Rock Hall in a lovely, little nursing home where she’s the favorite of all. (And of course she would be because,…well,…the word “dear” doesn’t do her justice…Let’s see; let’s add: kind, warm, thoughtful, interested, as well as interesting. The crossword puzzles that she does daily, the bird book by her bedside, the many books she reads and her up-to-date knowledge of every sports team give her lots to add to any conversation, so “interesting” is always a word to use to describe her. And that’s only the beginning of the list.) She’s, at the very least, a personal favorite friend of mine, and of so many, since she’s turning 100 years old in a week or two, so she’s certainly had plenty of time to have an extremely long list of people who’d call her “friend.”

“Miss” Phoebe told her son, Terry, that she did NOT want a party. He wondered about that – (I told him that I didn’t think she wanted a bunch of people gawking at her with her hair not done – not that she’s prissy or overly vain, but good grief, she is bedridden, after all, and her hair just gets squished and it’s just never a good hair day. Plus you just never get too-old- enough to not care about that sort of thing). Terry, of course, would do what she wanted so there will be no party. I’m visiting her today, so I’ll get the latest scoop, but I’m sure her family will be there and that’ll be plenty party enough for her, and I’m sure her favorite kind of birthday party, which I also get, since that would be mine. And we do have some things in common, after all. As I said, we’re buds.

When Terry found out she would be refusing a 100-year-old birthday party, he laughingly asked her, “Are cards all right?” She laughed back (and I can picture the grin on her pretty, creamy-complexioned face as she answered him – and yes, you can still be pretty at age 100 and I guess you have to see it to believe it) but she said, “Yes.” Soooooooooo, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be so very, very cool if she could get 100 cards on her 100th birthday,” so here I am – asking for you to send one! Her address is: Phoebe Anthony
Golden Rule Nursing Home
20806 Bayside Ave.
Rock Hall, MD 21661

Please go out TODAY to buy her a card, since I’m giving last minute instructions, so you have to do it FAST, then mail it TODAY, OK? Thanks! (If you could see that smile of her’s and the way her dimples crinkle in her face when she looks at you, you’d drop everything and hightail it to the store IMMEDIATELY. So just imagine. And then you’ll go. Don’t forget to get the stamp. Or you could take it directly to the post office.)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now you have a great day, too! (Mine will be, because as I said, I get to visit “Miss” Phoebe today!)


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