Berry Picking

May 8, 2010

I had heard that Lockbriar Farms was easy to find:  that heading north out of town,  it was just about a mile after turning right off of 213 N at 297 (right past Suds ‘n Soda on the left side of the road.)  I was to look for it on the right, and sure enough, I couldn’t have missed it.  I’m not sure if I saw the sign first, or the red and white striped tent. 

The same friendly guy who had been at the Park the other day was working at the farm, and he called out, “I know you!”  It’s always nice to get a warm welcome, so I told him I was there to pick a few berries and to take some pictures.  He asked if I had anything to put my berries in, and I didn’t, so he pointed to the flat boxes and said that they were 75 cents each, which was fine with me.  I should’ve thought of bringing something and so the 75 cent deal was a life-saver.  I certainly couldn’t carry them back in my hands!  Since I had told him that I would be posting about my experience on our B&B blog, he wanted to be sure I mentioned that 75 cent price for the boxes.  I guess some people are a little snarly to find that you don’t get everything handed to you for free, so I told him I would.  Consider you’ve gotten fair warning! 

Shannon walked me out to the field where the picking rows were.  There were 4 from which I could choose, and the berries were lying thick off of  the plants, just ready for the taking.  So that was exactly what I did!  I didn’t need many for just the two of us, and besides, David wants to go back with me one day soon so we can put some in the freezer, so it didn’t take me long to get my quota.  They were gorgeous and so easy to get!  It only took me minutes.  I took them back to the tent to be weighed, to find that my bill was $ 6.71–a real deal!  (There are more in the box than it looks like!)Even though I kept popping them into my mouth the whole time I was driving back to town, there were still some left by the time I got back home.  You see, I never worry about washing them first, since they are sprayed (when necessary) by organic sprays, and these hadn’t been sprayed at all.  I still had plenty to put in the refrigerator for tomorrow and so that was that! 

I’m still waiting to find out when the Ice Cream Day is at Lockbriar.  They weren’t quite sure because it’s still early.   (There had been no berries at all till May last year, and these started coming on in April).  I had seen on the website that there had been homemade ice cream served for free one day last year during the strawberry season, so I wanted to be sure to get that on our calendars!  Check back for that date!

 U Pick Info — 10 – 6 now; 7 – 7 (Memorial Day – Labor Day) $ 2 / pound

Have fun!


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