Tiny Tarts

May 16, 2010

Chestertown was hopping this whole weekend because of Washington College Commencement, and we had a small celebration of our own, since David’s cousin, Nancy, graduated with her master’s.

Today at 3,  her graduation party was at our house.  It was a perfect day and we gravitated to the back porch to have our meal there.   I had made chocolate mint toll house cookies, but I wanted something extra to round out the dessert offerings.  I remembered that I had 2 boxes of tart shells in the freezer, along with some vanilla ice cream and more fresh strawberries that I’d picked up at the Farmer’s Market yesterday.  I washed and halved the berries and put them back in the fridge.  I put a teaspoon of ice cream in the tart shells,  added a drop of chocolate syrup to each one, then placed them back in the freezer until I was ready for them.  When it was time to serve them, all I had to do was to add the strawberry halves on the tops of each prepared shell, then voila!  Done!  It was exactly the touch I was looking for! 

These tiny tarts will show up on our Tea Time table soon, I’m certain!  They really were perfect:  just a little something special — dressy, dainty and delightful, and just right for any afternoon treat!


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