Farm Fresh Eggs

May 22, 2010

Terry showed up at my door the other morning at 6:30, rang the bell and left 4 quarts of strawberries that he’d picked, along with a dozen eggs that the chickens had been sitting on not that long before the delivery. 

This was what had happened:  I had seen Terry’s van out in front of his mom’s (“Miss Phoebe’s) house and I had called out to him.  He called back, saying, “You know, we need to work out a deal!”  And that was why the berries and eggs showed up on our front porch when they did. It was the beginning of our “deal.” He said for me to phone him when we had guests and needed something, and he’d bring me what he had; some times he might not have anything, but other times he would.  Sounded great to me, and our mid-week guests agreed.  They were thrilled with both, and kept saying over and over, “Oh my, these eggs are sooo good!”  Just knowing where they had come from is 99% of it, Terry and I think. 

I had planned on freezing the extra berries but ended up saving them in the fridge.  Tonight I squished them for homemade strawberry ice cream….then  added them to the custard base that I cooked on top of the stove.  The mixture will chill overnight, then tomorrow afternoon I’ll try my second batch of homemade ice cream!  I’ll give the report on Sunday about how it turned out….and I’ll even add a picture, too!


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