Our neighbor

May 23, 2010

After I clean up a bit around here, I’ll be heading up the street to Miss Phoebe’s.  She has agreed to help me with my lines for a 10 minute play I’m in at The Prince Theatre.  This is another new adventure for me–being involved this go-round with things at The Prince, and Miss Phoebe has graciously agreed to help me study.

Miss Phoebe is a beauty.  With a peaches ‘n creamy complexion–no lines there (or if there are, I haven’t noticed them), eyes that light up when they see you, a wide smile that invites you into whatever she is doing–whenever she is doing it, and with arms that pull you close to her soft-ness, she’s got a real magnetism to her, and I love going to her house.  I was finding my minutes more numbered since the opening of Simply Bed & Bread, but with this need to study, I have a ready excuse to pop up the street to sit with her.  And oh, did I mention that she is 93? 

One reason I love going to visit Miss Phoebe is that she’s a cheerleader.  Plus she has a way that makes you know that she loves all that you love and she’s 100% interested in what you have to say and in what you’re doing.  She’s a people person–doesn’t matter who or what kind or what color or what anything; she listens long and she sees deep.

Miss Phoebe is my official “taster,” too.   I know she’ll help me out with the homemade strawberry ice cream verdict, so I’d better get going!


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