Coffee to go…

May 24, 2010

Our Oregon guests just drove out of the driveway–without coffee to go.  Their coffee cups had been refilled a few times this morning, and they really couldn’t drink another drop at their departure time, but as they were leaving, we all agreed on the front porch that I should suggest that future guests bring their own travel mugs!  There’s always some extra coffee, it seems, (or at least almost always), and it’s such a shame to waste it. 

Eventually, we’ll get our coffee locally, at Play It Again, Sam’s, but not yet–since I have a good supply still from other places.  The coffee that our guests drank this morning was “what everyone drinks in Philadelphia,” which was what our older daughter, Emily, told me when she gave us a Simply Bed & Bread “housewarming” gift of 3 pounds of La Colombe.  I’ve just gone through the last of one of the pounds, and so far, everyone has agreed with her statement.  It really is good coffee.  Seems, though, that there really is a lot of “good coffee” out there….

From the get-go, we knew we wanted to have really good coffee at our B&B.  So I had originally ordered Tanduk coffee (check out their website) from New England because it had come so highly recommended by a personal friend and coffee connoiseur, and also because it’s a company that is tied to a humanitarian outreach program.   It just seemed like a great connection to make.  But one day when I was downtown at our local coffee hang-out (but which has also garnered some wider acclaim), the proprietor asked me point-blank, “Why don’t you get your coffee locally?”  We do love buying local, so I stuttered a bit and said honestly, “I don’t know!”  I had a sort of story, but the bottom line really was that it hadn’t occurred to me.  So that is my plan — to indeed buy from our local Play It Again, Sam’s shop, once my existing supply runs out.

I still have a wonderful coffee cache here in our downstairs freezer.  I have a couple of pounds of La Colombe still, and I have some more Tanduk.  The Seattle coffee, (which was also amazing) — the coffee that was a gift from a Seattle guest, is long gone.  But right this moment, I have a coffee pot that is still full of delightful, hot coffee, but no guests coming in.  So this is your official notice, if you’re either driving through Chestertown a bit later today, or if you plan to travel here soon, or even to stay here:  bring a travel mug with you and fill up on your way out of our door!  We hate pouring it down the drain and we’d love to share!


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