Strawberries and Chocolate

May 29, 2010

I got the strawberry ice cream churned the other afternoon and it turned out great!  It is creamier than the coffee flavor.  Miss Phoebe tasted it and loved it. 

I had decided that I wanted to be able to serve chocolate shortbreads with the strawberry ice cream, and I found a recipe online that I thought would be great.  It was not a disappointment.  The shortbreads melt in your mouth.  They’re very fragile, so next time I’ll make them smaller–no larger than a one-inch diameter.

I tested out this combo with our guests just today, and yep, it was a hit!  A nice treat on a warm spring day for our very first Chestertown Tea Party guests!

The bad news is that the strawberry ice cream is almost gone….but I cooked the custard base for a batch of Vanilla Heath Bar Chunk, so I hope to get that churned soon.  Chestertown, though, is already hopping with our biggest weekend of the year, so it might not be tomorrow.  But there will be so many treats available downtown tomorrow that I doubt anyone will be disappointed! 

We’ll all get an early start in the morning, since we don’t want to miss one thing!  And…. if I can find the outfit I used to wear each year when our girls were young, our guests could be greeted by Colonial Cheryl as their breakfast server!  Now wouldn’t that be fun?!


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