Mini cinnamon chips

June 3, 2010

I bought my brand new bag of cinnamon chips at Byler’s Country Store near Dover, DE, about 40 minutes from here. Cinnamon chips are like chocolate chips, except they’re cinnamon-flavored, and I’ll be using them when I make a giant batch of toll house cookie dough in the next day or two. (I’ve never tried cinnamon chips, but just reading the label made me want to rip open the bag before I hit the check out line. Does it have that effect on you, too?) I’ll divide the dough and add different flavored chips and bits and nuts to make different twists on a favorite theme, since I also bought Heath bar bits, mini raspberry chips, regular chocolate chips and I think, butterscotch chips. I can hardly wait to start baking!

Byler’s is a great store. It’s chock full of stuff–with all kinds of things, but it also includes bulk baking products with some hard-to-find items (well, they’ve been hard for me to find!) I was thrilled to find steel-cut oats (I had seen a recipe I wanted to try and regular oats wouldn’t do)! I grabbed a bag of gluten-free flour with a promise written right on the bag saying that I could use it to make “any of my favorite recipes.” Of course, you must add xantham gum so I began scouring the shelves for that and found it without too much trouble. Byler’s really is a baker’s dream place. You leave there wanting to rush back to your kitchen and cook for 10 hours straight.

I love cookies and I love, love, love baking them and trying out new recipes. 89 year old Rachel went with me to Byler’s this afternoon and having her in the car with me made me remember a recipe she gave me about a year ago which I still haven’t tried. The cookies are called “Crybabies,” and it’s an “old one,” she told me. Her Aunt Lizzie gave it to her and she didn’t know why the molasses based crybabies were called that. I guess it was because you cry if you can’t eat as many as you want. I’m waiting till the fall to make those. They just sound like fall cookies. Rachel’s tradition is to make them just after Christmas, so maybe I’ll make them then, too. There aren’t enough hours in the day, though; I’m going to turn into a crybaby myself if I can’t start baking soon!

An update! I made a double batch of toll house cookies and put pecans and cinnamon chips in instead of chocolate chips, and they’re YUMMY! The taste resembles that of Snickerdoodles.


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