The Story In Between

June 8, 2010

pink bling

I wish I’d known this earlier in my life, but I’m learning more and more that sometimes the best stories are the ones in between…..

They drove up as I was shaking the rugs from the kitchen–the last thing I had planned to do before our guests arrived.  It was the four of them–in town for a special family / friend event.

You know how you just know you’re going to really like somebody before you even really know him?  Well, it was like this from the first contact made by the daughter-in-law.  And then when she got out of the van, at quick glance, she looked just like our neighbor’s daughter-in-law, so that cemented my first impression.  Yep, this was going to be a fun family. 

(I might add that this seems to be who comes to Simply Bed & Bread — simply great people!  Today when one of our guests wanted to know who our “typical guest” was, I hesitated for a couple of seconds, while thinking, but could only come up with “nice people.”  Our guests have not all been our age; nor all our daughter’s ages; they’re simply a mix.  And “nice” seemed to be the only common denominator). 

The four family members were kidding one another as soon as they stepped onto the sidewalk with an ease and a grace that invited you in.  I was the official hostess, but they were bringing their “welcome” with them.

The older woman of the two was one of those women who can wear bling.  Her glitz was on the subdued side, but it was just right.  Some women can pull this off and some can’t.  (I have one “official B&B necklace” that I’ve bought that is a wannabe glitz piece, and I’ve worn it some, but it isn’t my normal style.  I like it, though.  Maybe some day I’ll get the hang of this look.  The verdict will be out a while on that one. ) Anyway, on this particular guest (and we’ve had other guests who could do this look), it really did look nice.

They had a full weekend, so they weren’t here much.  But it was enough to underscore my initial feelings.  I was gone when they checked out, but David and Nancy, our assistant innkeeper, were both here, and as soon as I got back, David told me that the older woman, the mom, had left me something. Since I love surprises, I high-tailed it to the stove in the kitchen too see my gift, which is pictured at the top of this post.  There was a slow intake of breath as I took them both in.  I had not only received my first official bling-that-I-really-will-wear, but I had “heard” the “story in between.


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