June 17, 2010

It’s hard to say exactly when my actual “debut” has been….Tonight is Opening Night at The Prince Theatre: “Short Attention Span Theatre” — which is a series of 9 10-minute plays. I am in two of them; I have one line in “The Romantic,” and I am Agatha, a tea drinker, in “The Tea Drinkers.” The dress rehearsal was last night and it felt real to me. But was that my “debut” on the Prince stage? I’m not sure….perhaps it was actually yesterday, earlier in the day, when I was in the Cardiac Care Unit at University Hospital in Baltimore. My sister’s heart attack last Friday had set the stage, and yesterday was her birthday, so I had wanted it to be special. I had promised to bring the script and my plan was to ask one of her daughters to read Marsha’s lines, (the other tea drinker was Marsha), but I forgot to stick it in my bag. When I told Bobbi, my sister, she said, “Awww!” very loudly and with obvious disappointment, so I thought, “What the heck, I’ll just go for it.”) So I did. I just played all 3 characters by the side of the bed. I knew I had a very forgiving and appreciative audience so how could the show not go on? I made my entrance, welcoming my sister to the “cruise ship” (she loves cruises), looped my rolled-up sweater around her neck as a “leis,” since she was being welcomed onto the cruise ship to Hawaii, gave her her gifts, and announced that it was Show Time, and so Show Time it was. Seemed to me that this may have been my debut….(unless you count the read through with a set of our B&B guests a couple of weeks ago). I know this: there was applause and the thrill of the “stage,” so I figure that must’ve been it,…especially since it really doesn’t get much better than this. My role as B&B innkeeper, or sister, or Agatha–whatever–it’s all fun, and well, that’s pretty much the point, or at least a big part of it.



  1. Amy says:

    It was wonderful! We loved it <3

  2. Thanks, Amy! I’m so glad!

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