Pink Tea Pot

June 18, 2010

When I walked in the back door yesterday, I yelled in to David, asking my normal question: “Anything new happen while I was gone?” He came out to greet me and said, “Did you order anything from ____,” and he identified the packages that had arrived in the mail for me by giving me a woman’s name. The name was familiar–I knew it belonged to a former B&B guest–and I said, “No,” and asked him to open it, since I was again, still on the run. Inside, were treasures…..

I knew immediately why the packages had come. A conversation I had had with this guest came back to mind, and I dug into it with gusto–not even trying to contain my excitement! She had mentioned that she had been cleaning out some of a relative’s things and that she had items that they coudn’t use within the family and that they might have to be discarded. I had said at that time, “Oh, if those things could end up in the trash, perhaps you could throw them my way.” Well, these were those boxes of “trash,” but they were anything but!

Inside were some vintage linens, including two table cloths that will fit on my dining room table in the B&B area (and this was thrilling because the one I have that was my Aunt Sara’s has a couple of holes in it — usually not a problem since that just adds to the “character” — but they do eventually get past the use stage if there are holes.) So these two will supplement my linens supply and they are just as lovely as Aunt Sara’s! And that was just the beginning, since the two boxes were packed full of things! I pulled the items out, one at a time, unwrapping each, with as much delight as a child at Christmas time. My smile got bigger and bigger as I dug, and my gratitude grew. But I was undone when I saw what else the boxes contained….

Remember: Opening Night was yesterday, the same day that the boxes had arrived. One of those plays is “The Tea Drinkers,” in which I have a “main” part (OK–it is a 10 minute play, and only 3 characters, but I am one of the “tea drinkers”). OK, that’s background. A review. Back to the present, and the unpacking of one of the boxes. What would it mean to you if you found a tea pot and cups and saucers inside of those boxes?

My parents were killed in a car accident when I was 15. So I have never known what it is like to have parents as an adult “child.” Now, I know that is a mixed bag, (and I’ll just let you fill in your own blanks there, but everyone has these), but there is still something about knowing that no matter what you do or are, there are those who are rooting for you–maybe you can’t even hear them but that’s what they are doing. It’s that little kid inside of you who is there, needing that, needing to know that there is at least one person on this earth who is smiling because you’re you and when you’re in a play and it’s Opening Night you go to that little kid place just a tad. But there’s no one around who knew you when you were that little kid. My aunts are gone now, too, and I am now in that oldest generation. BUT… (and there’s always a “but” it seems….and again, you might not know it or be able to see it, but it’s there). BUT at Dress Rehearsal, guess who was in the audience? My drama teacher / director from my high school days–one who knew me when I was an (almost) little kid!

And then the next day there were the boxes.

Now you explain these things. OK? I have my own explanations….but as one of my wise daughters told me once, “Just let the story tell itself.”


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