Gluten – Free (Part 2) and On My Way To The Farmer’s Market

June 26, 2010

One of the participants in the Bay To Bay Bike Ride tomorrow had to cancel her booking for the night, so we will only have one person here (unless someone else calls at the last minute).  So….since this guest needs a gluten – free diet, I thought, “Cool!  I’ll just concentrate on that, and mix up some goodies before I get out the door to hit the Farmer’s Market.”

So that’s what I did.  Carefully cleaning the counter (it was already clean but I wanted to be extra-vigilant, since one can’t be too careful in the preparation of gluten – free foods), I opened my trusty bag of Bob’s Red Mill gluten – free flour, grabbed my banana bread recipe, along with the very ripe bananas from the fridge, and got going.  It didn’t take long, and before putting the batter in the loaf pan, I got my “lick” from the mixing spoon.  (I always “lick” what I mix up, and have since I was a very little girl — sneaking the licks when my mother’s back was turned — she was quick, but I was quicker), so of course, this batter would be no exception.  Prepared for the usual yummy-ness, you can imagine my surprise (and horror) when it hit my tongue….YUK!  It tasted AWFUL!  I thought, “Hmm…were the bananas too ripe–didn’t know that was possible–I just couldn’t imagine what the problem was except for that flour.”  I was big time bummed.  But I decided, “Well, I’ve gone this far; might as well pop it into the pan, and then the oven, and see if a chemical reaction of heat plus batter would create some kind of culinary miracle.  I wasn’t expecting much.  I figured that when I got back from the Farmer’s Market, I would pitch it into the trash and call it a day. 

So…..on my way to the Farmer’s Market, I passed…..these flowers out in front of my niece’s house, then I saw…..

My niece's flowers

When I passed all of these things at the Market, I zipped on over to the Natural Foods Store to see what commercially-prepared, gluten – free items I could find for our guest, then I went back home.

The banana bread was done.  I smelled it as soon as I stepped back inside the front door, so I tested it, then took it out.  D-Day.  Verdict coming.  I sliced it.  Took the first bite.  ….And I don’t know how this was possible, but it was DELICIOUS!  Wow — every bit as good as the “normal” recipe that I make!  So….I will serve it after all, and I will also mix up a batch of homemade biscuits to serve with breakfast in the morning!  Woo hoo!  Who knew?  And THAT’S the story of Gluten – Free (Part 2) and On My Way To The Farmer’s Market!



  1. Amy says:

    Aunt Cherye-
    I don’t think it’s possible for you to bake ANYTHING bad- it’s always YUMMY!
    Love Amy and the boys
    and thanks for the pic of our flowers:-)

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