July 7, 2010

Kent County Community Center Pool in Worton, MD

A new special is now available at Simply Bed & Bread!

During the month of August, we’re offering a FAMILY VACATION PACKAGE to families with one or two children:

5 nights* (2 rooms) for $ 799!

And you won’t believe this,
but this price is TAX INCLUDED,
which is no small matter,
since taxes are 11% — a savings of $ 88!

We have no pool onsite, but there is a new county pool 10 minutes away that is lovely, fun and very “resort-like!” The mom of a 10 year old who described it this way also says that her son has a ball, and that it reminds her of Disney(!): brightly-colored buckets that dump water, fountains that surprise and squirt, slides, and separate kid-friendly areas as well as lap lanes–features that say to children, “We’re glad you’re here! Stay and PLAY!” There is a daily fee, but it’s worth every penny, since there’s much, much more that’s available when you get there!

With the heat, a pool would be a MUST, so the county pool would solve that problem! Plus Chestertown has shopping (and some kid-welcoming stores) and canoes and kayaks and it’s a great place for family bicycling!

We might have some space during our “Christmas in July” week, or if you want to schedule your 5 days in August when the decorations are still up, then JUST ASK! I would make sure that there would be Christmas story times and Christmas cookies and more!

Even the steamy, sultry nights would offer an activity for you and the kids, since Rita’s ice-cold treats are an easy walk away from our front door!

Sound interesting? Give us a call! If this package would be a fit for your family, we’d be happy to try to specifically tailor your stay to your child / children’s ages and needs!

* Package nights: Sunday – Thursday


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