Banana Bread and Cupcakes

July 19, 2010

The display is complete, along with Mexican Wedding Cakes, tiny cupcakes and heart-shaped sugar cookeis!

The buttered, fresh-from-the-oven piece of banana bread was in Joanna’s* hand, ready to be tasted again and savored yesterday, as she stopped to remember the time in her life when she enjoyed regular meals of the warm banana bread that was her favorite.

Joanna would take off on foot from her house each morning before middle school began; she’d pick up Barb* around the corner from our house, then pick up our Em last of all. It was her last stop before school, at our house, when she would often have breakfast-to-go. She reminded us of this yesterday when she and Jim* were at our Simply Bed & Bread breakfast table. She had looked around, and then said how good it was to be back at our house — that it looked “so different, [since we’d opened the B&B], and yet it was the same.” It was good for us, too.

Later in the day yesterday, she and Jim would become husband and wife, and so they had come home for that to happen. The wedding would be in Mimi’s front yard.

The catering had all been done by her mom, Mimi, friends and other family members. Well, all except for the cake. My Em had called me to ask if I could make “a couple of layer cakes,” and I jumped at the chance! What fun! Now… making a “wedding cake” could sound stressful, especially for someone who has never made one (and that would be me), but I knew that they’d be happy with whatever I came up with, so I started hunting for ideas.

I hadn’t known that cupcake weddings were all the rage now, but I learned that as soon as I went online and typed in “wedding cakes.” Wedding cupcakes sounded much easier than a couple of wedding layer cakes, so off I went on a search for wedding cupcake papers. I found those in Dover at Michael’s. Lovely. I’d had no idea there were such things. I ordered a cupcake display stand, then got an e-mail saying that the stand might not be sent right away, so I then borrowed one from church, along with a white tablecloth that was just right for our round card table, and then even found a piece of white eyelet here in my fabric stash that only needed a hem to become the perfect tablecloth topper. I yanked a string of pearls off of my Christmas tree (that is stored in the basement) and wound that around the stand, and then was able to thread some silk flowers and one silk butterfly through that. Perfect.

…And the cupcakes were perfect, too,….for savoring by the guests, and smushing by the bride and groom at about 8:30, the time of the traditional “cake cutting” ceremony. So from banana bread to cupcakes, it was a pretty good day.

* (Names changed)


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