Christmas in July begins soon!

July 20, 2010

Cheristmas tree-shaped cookies

The preparations begin today for Simply Bed & Bread’s Christmas in July! Can you help me along with this by telling me: what is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie?

It is still hot in Chestertown, but we have had some rain in town–plenty enough, actually, to fill our rain barrels again! This is very hopeful news in that the brown is indeed leaving and the greeen is coming back. Yippee! Last night we had a fierce storm–loud explosions of thunder following huge Harry Potter scar streaks of jagged lightning! The weather is still not ideal, though, and we can’t promise you snow or even cool temperatures, but we can make you FEEL cooler this weekend! So…..why don’t you see how you’re feeling this Friday, and then consider hopping into your car and driving to Chestertown to see what Christmas surprises might be waiting for you at Simply Bed & Bread?


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Location, Location, Location.

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