Why Simply Bed & Bread?

People have asked, “Why Simply Bed & Bread? What made you get started?”
I’ve had different responses to that question.   But part of the reason has to be that it’s because of story….
…..I can still see in my mind’s eye our old heat register where our little family of four would gather when the electricity would go out.  It went out often on the farm, so this was not unusual.  But there was one time, in particular, when it was out, and I think it must’ve been during a big snow.  I must’ve been quite young, but this time of gathering stood out from among all the others.
In our house when I was growing up, desserts were saved for special occasions. And since my mother’s time was limited, she did her dessert baking only on Saturdays.  But oooh, what days those were!  She was always known among her sisters as the “best cook,” so you can imagine what Baking Day meant to this little girl who loved nothing more than to climb up beside her mommy and watch, waiting for her tastes!  (I could always count on pieces of raw pie crust to eat, because my usually frugal mother would throw these away; she saw no use for them, but boy, oh boy, I surely did!)  On this particular snowed-in day, sans power, there we were, my mother and my daddy, my sister and me, eating our supper:  cold white potato pie that had been removed from the freezer, an unheard-of occurrence–dessert for supper!  And that pie was delicious, but my memory is more than that:  it was the warmth, the intimacy, the completely unexpected grace of the moment that that pie supper evoked.  It filled me. And stayed inside of me. So that’s one reason that Simply Bed & Bread is here:  to offer this kind of grace to others.
“I had always felt life first as a story and if there is a story there is a storyteller.”
G.K. Chesterton