A guest review….

August 8, 2010

I was at Wind in The Willows at The Prince Theatre last night when David was sitting in the living room with our two guests. So I missed his question to them, requesting that they do a Tripadvisor Review, but I came in shortly after.

Jeri* (*name changed) had told me on the phone, at the time of her booking, that she was a “great guest.” She’d explained to me that what she meant was that she always made her bed, and generally studied the ways her hosts did things so that she could make things a little easier for them. I laughed and said she didn’t have to do that, but she assured me that she would because it was just what she did! So I laughed, said, “Great!” and “I can’t wait to meet you!”

So after I came in the door after the show at The Prince, right after David’s question, she kiddingly said that since she was such a Great Guest, she should have a “TripGuest Review!” So I promised her I’d blog one!

So Jeri, here it is!

She was driving her dapper dad (he was 91; she was 55) into town for a couple of days, and I saw them when she pulled up to the curb in front of our house. “Ah,” I thought: “Jeri and Mr. Bell.” The Terrific Guest and her father had arrived.

I saw her attentiveness to her dad, the way she watched him with his bag, and the patient respect in her eyes as her gaze traveled with him up our sidewalk. I had already known that I would like her, but this was icing on the cake. Yep, she would be One Terrific Guest.

Jeri and I clicked immediately, as I did with her father, a genuine gentleman in his summer suit and matching shoes. (In appearance, he was a masculine version of my Aunt Bernice who wore her nylon stockings and skirts every day of her life.) Each extended an open, friendly, warm hand to me, and I did the same. We talked easily and were quickly chatting like old friends.

They were full of stories. Laughing and listening, we heard quite a few, but one of the best images was of Jeri’s mom and her sister as Purdue coeds in the 30’s. They’d “invented” air conditioning. Lying strip, stark naked — the pair of them — on the floor in front of their refrigerator with the door open with just 3 wet washcloths straegically placed on their heat-stressed bodies, they fanned away the heat and enjoyed the cool “AC” air. It was a favorite story of their’s, and we laughed along with them, enjoying that piece of their family history with them.

Jeri was true to her word: At the breakfast table, she said, “Mom, I made my bed,” and of course, she had.

She’d told me that they were very comfortable at our house, and that she felt like a kid who was coming in and out of her house, like she’d come home. I said, “Cool. That’s what we’re going for here.”

Later that day, she had called me to ask if she could use my kitchen in order to have Downey’s chicken and mashed potatoes in the dining room. (She, her dad, and her family have been coming back and forth to Chestertown for 50 years, so the chicken from Downey’s has been a favorite of Jeri’s for most of her life. She’d heard the news that Downey’s was closing, so she wanted to be sure to get that chicken one more time.) She said, “I’ll wash everything and put it all back exactly as I found it, and you won’t have to do a thing.” Of course. That’s what Great Guests do. And so she did.

Jeri’s TripGuest Review Rating? A 5 out of 5. Oh yeah, I’d have her and her sweetie pie papa again. I highly recommend this TripGuest guest (and the other guest, too.)



  1. Amy says:

    she certainly sounds lovely:-)

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