Openings at Simply Bed & Bread: NOW!!

August 14, 2010

Need to expend some end-of-the-summer energy in the next few days? Maybe you’re a teacher and you’ve only got a few days left before it’s time to get back to the school year schedule but you’re still wishing you could just hop into your car and…..

….maybe take a couple of long bike rides….Chestertown is in-between Rock Hall and Galena and is the perfect spot for biking to each of those towns….


….take a couple of day-long canoe rides, wandering and winding across a water “trail,” watching for herons and egrets and who-knows-what-else?

Take advantage of our Before-The-New-School-Year Specials: Call for details!! (But be sitting down b/c they could sound too good to be true!)

Oh, and you’re wondering what is behind that garage door??? It’s a tandem bicycle for the daring…Come and try it out!

We’d love to welcome you back to Simply Bed & Bread each evening where it’s quiet, cool and still — before the New Year Crazy Crunch begins!


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