Grams and Gramps ‘n Me

The Grams- and Gramps-‘n-Me Package

(This can be one night, or more–it’s up to you!)

$ 109* (weekdays and nights)

$ 139* (weekends)


*Plus 11% taxes


There’s something that happens to a grandmother when her grandchild is born… a sort of by-product of the full-up-to-the-top-and-spreading-out-all-over-joy that the mother feels when her own child is born…. which you knew could never get any bigger but then there is one of his or her very own…. I’d always heard it, but didn’t understand until our own grandson was born, which were why tears were all I had when I saw them for the very first time. And things go on from there….until the day when all of that is recognized and understood as a precious gift.

My own daughters, who had the rare privilege of growing up across the street from their own grandparents, understood their Grandma and Grandad Gift. They were still young when their grandfather died, but their grandma lived till their adulthood. They treasured the times they had with both of them-the grandparents who have ears that no one else has, and years that hold in what they hear. And their grandparents treasured them. SO what better thing than to schedule a Grandma Time Away, before Emily went off to college, which was exactly what we did! Their grandma was still active up to her 80th birthday, so we scheduled a trip to hike parts of the C & O Tow Path in western MD. We ate at greasy spoons–we looked for those specifically, even though she’d eaten organic foods when nobody else had even heard of them-and we sat up to the counter watching our chicken-fried steak getting flipped and flapped onto our plates, and we giggled, and oh, what fun! We sat around on the porch and read when we didn’t talk, comfortable in not having to talk, ….or to do anything at all. We hiked slowly-she was active, but not a senior Olympian-and took pictures, and we remembered it all. We stayed for 3 days. It was a memory that we’ll always have, even though she is now gone.

Maybe you’ve been browsing websites, looking for the perfect get-away, and you’ve just stumbled into this idea. Why not consider this one, for either right now, or for a bit later? This package might be just what you’d like to give to your grandma, or to Grandad, or to both grandparents, if you still have the privilege of having both of them. I guarantee one thing: that thing-that-sits-way-down-deep-inside-of-a person would always be there inside of your grandparents–no matter how they get on the outside, and a gift just doesn’t get any better than this.

If it’s just the 2 of you–a granddaughter and her grandma–and she’s the dress-up sort (like my Aunt Bernice), maybe you’d like to splurge for a once-in-a-lifetime gift (and your family would all kick in with the cost) and sit for an oil portrait. You can do that right here in Chestertown. We’ll take care of the details and tell you when to go and where.

Maybe you’d like to do the Walking Tour of Chestertown, or the Driving Tour of Kent County. We’ll pack you a picnic basket for you to enjoy by the water, or we’ll give you ideas of where you can eat and chat quietly together.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your relationship, and we’ll provide a personalized itinerary. Or plan your own. Or just come. And enjoy one another. You can’t get something like this wrong. It’s just not possible. Just come.

We’ll see you soon!