Grammy & Me For Tea

(or *MomMom or Nona or _____ – you can fill in the blank)

 $ 189 + 11% tax – a one night** stay.

(**Sorry, weeknights only).

If 2 moms & 2 daughters, or 2 grandmas & 2 daughters, want to book both rooms at the same time for this package, the cost is $ 149 + 11% tax per room.


Self-Guided Activities:

  •  Meet & Greet the almost-100-year-old dolls, Baby Carrie and Elizabeth.
  •  Dress – Ups
  •  Reading Time
  •  Craft Time
  •  Tea Time prep
  •  Tea Time
  •  Light Fare (Supper)
  •  Scrapbooking
  • Photographs
  • Breakfast

Our very first grammy and granddaughter “played hard,” trying on all of the scarves, hats, gloves and shoes (many of them, 1940’s vintage) until they achieved the looks that they wanted, and then they took a drive – in costume!  When they got back, the 4th grade granddaughter walked in her heels as though she were born to wear them, and posed easily in front of our porch on that lovely summer day, long enough for me to snap her picture.  And what a picture it was – with her up-do and saucy hat with veil, snappy scarf tied round her neck, matching sash around her waist and her shoes to match.  They made tea, crimped sandwiches and had homemade lemon curd with their baking powder biscuits.  The doll-shaped shortbreads finished off their light salad supper.  They drank their water from American Fostoria glasses and poured themselves tea from the silver teapot….and held the dolls as they read the Fancy Nancy book together.  After their second drive, they did report that they had gotten “some looks,” (since they were still in costume), but the grandmother told curious onlookers that they “were playing,” and all was well.  They retreated upstairs for an evening full of reading and more crafts, while looking forward to waffles in the morning.